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Makulu Ken


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About us

It has been over 10 years since this devilish African, danceable and polyrhythmic music bewitched us and we began to sing it in Euskara and spread it around the world. Music from other lands in our language, enjoying the riches of here and there. Mixing Afrobeat and other music and rhythms that we have drunk from and have deep in our bones, Euskalafrobeat.


We have published two studio albums, the first, Makulu Ken and the second Kalè Kalè. We have taken our music from here to there, popular festivals, Doka in Donostia, large and small bars, Gaztetxe Gasteiz, San Fermin in Pamplona, ​​Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao, Kirikoketa in Arizkun, Ibiza, Republica Errekaleor, Burgos, Dabadaba in Donostia, Valencia, Hika Ateneo Bilbao, Formentera, Kilometroak, Herri Urrats ... always having fun!


9 musicians on stage, baritone and tenor sax, trumpet, keys, guitar, bass, percussion, drums and voice. And you moving your bones!


Salty, bitter, sweet lyrics ... social criticism, we laugh at ourselves, some poisoned darts, a hug. We invite you to turn off the screens and move, offering music and lyrics to break both internal and external chains. We invite you to squeeze life to the last drop, a hymn to the enjoyment of all the juices and liqueurs of the fruits from the trees that we have planted. And if the harvest is poor, let's hold hands, let's go ahead! Here we will be, shaking the rhythms of our music and stirring in all up in our minds.



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